Sep. 23rd, 2009

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those with secret laboratories and those with secret laboratories on the moon!

So I bought myself a shiny new telescope because I have this awesome balcony but unfortunately there's too much light pollution in the city for me to see much with the naked eye. I took it out for the first time tonight and woah, there are so many stars up there! It's so nice to be able to see them again.

I tried taking some pictures of the moon for ya'll. They came out ok, but nowhere near as good as they could have. Probably because I had to hold the camera in place over the lens for the shot to be made. I need to pick myself up another cheap camera tripod so I can get better pictures...But anyway, take a look at these pictures of the moon and imagine them way crisper than they appear here and you can see what I see!

The Moon! )

I also tried to take some pictures of Jupiter since I could see it pretty clearly (watched the big red spot for awhile as well as a bunch of its moons), but it didn't work out well. Maybe next time. I can't wait for Saturn to get away from the sun to see the rings...


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